Most frequent questions and answers

A we-wash is when you (the customer) drops off your pup with us for about 2-2.5 hours (or more depending on the size of the dog and fur length). A self-wash is when you (the customer) walk into our shop and bathe your pup yourself. 


No. However, the busiest time for self-washes is during the weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday) and you may be waiting anywhere from 5-15 min for at tub. During the week (Monday through Friday) there is almost no wait. 

Yes. If you are wanting your pup washed during our weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday) we do require you make an appointment as those are our busiest days. During the week we normally can fit your pup in without an appointment. NOTE–If you bring your pup in for a we-wash during the week (Monday through Friday) without an appointment you must have your pup’s updated vaccine records in hand. 

No. You also do not need vaccine records as we normally trim your pups nail right then and there. You will hopefully be in and out in 10 minutes. 

 Nail trim is when we we use a nail clipper. A nail dremmel is when we use an electric nail file to shorten the nail, push back the  quick, and round out the nail leaving no rough edges. **The nail dremmel is recommended for black nails**

Grooming is a service. Here at The Muddy Mutt we view this as if you had gone out to eat and are tipping your waiter. Tips are appreciated but not required. Use your own discretion. 

At The Muddy Mutt we offer a wide selection of Shampoo/Conditioner combos for varying types of coats and/or needs. Below are the types: 

Natural Coat Brightener

Lemongrass Vanilla Bean: Vanilla Bean Oil is a soothing stress reliever. Lemongrass oil aids natural shine. White grapefruit is an astringent and coat cleaner. Egyptian Geranium Rose oil balances dry skin and reduces inflammation 

Fluffy Shiny Coat

Pomegranate Cucumber: Pomegranate and Cucumber extracts are moisturizers and antioxidants. Lemongrass Oil aids natural shine. Indian Peppermint oil helps relieve itching. 

Sensitive Skin

Coconut Papaya: Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. Papayay extract conditioned skin and coat. Vanilla Bean Oil is soothing stress reliever. Seagrass extract purifies skin and increases circulation. Seaweed Extract is anti-inflammatory. 

Dry Skin and Dandruff

Honeysuckle Jasmine: Honeysuckle Oil is a natural emollient. Indian Jasmine Oil is a mood elevator and anti-septic. Sweet Violet Oil helps reduce insomnia and stress. 

**All of our shampoo/conditioner combos are PH Balanced, Tear Free, Paraben and Sulfate Free. With Provitamin B, Botanical Extracts, Free of toxins, dyes, salts and alcohol. **


If none of these appeal or are what you need we have a wide range of purchasable shampoos at the shop including a deep conditioning treatment. 



Here at The Muddy Mutt we recommend every 2 to 3 weeks. This time frame is different for some dogs. But this is normally the standard. 



Here at The Muddy Mutt a brushout is done in the tub during your pup’s bath. We take the best grooming tool for your pup and spend an additional 10 minutes brushing your pup’s coat. This removed already loose hair and a small portion of undercoat when applicable. ($10)

** We do not guarantee that once your pup leaves The Muddy Mutt that shedding will stop**

A de-shed is an extensive process that our employees perform on your pup to remove shedding coats, undercoats, as well as loose hair. This process takes 30+ minutes and removed the majority of the undercoat and/or the shedding fur. This is best during blowout season and shedding season but can be done year round. ($35)




Here at The Muddy Mutt we offer self-serve, we-wash, and grooming. A lot of the time we-wash and grooming get mixed up. For a we-wash one of our employees will bath, dry, and trim your pups nails. Grooming is where a professional groomer will bath, dry, brush, express anal glands and cut hair off of your pup to your specific asking. 



Here at The Muddy Mutt we accept cats by appointment only. We will open the shop 1 hour to 2 hours before we open for the day to groom your cat. Cats must be picked up before the pups start arriving at 11:00 am. Walk-in services for cats is accepted for nails only and weekdays only.