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We supply everything you need to make your pup look and feel their best.


  • Aprons

  • Ear Cleaner

  • Cologne

  • Brushes/Combs

  • House Shampoo

  • Towels

  • Professional Dryers


$16.00 per dog, no matter how big or small.

Self-Wash Hours:

Monday-Friday 11am - 6:15pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am - 6:15pm
Closed on Thursdays

reservations are not required

Upgrading Options:

oatmeal, whitening, odor neutralizing, hypoallergenic, hot spot, de-shedding, and flea and tick.    $8.00

if you have any questions on which shampoo is best for your pup, just ask one of our team members.

Walk-In Services:

Need an extra service for you pup while at The Muddy Mutt?

Shampoo Upgrade     $8

Nail Trim    $12

Nail Dremel    $16

Anal Gland Expression   $12

Tooth Brushing    $12

Paw Treatment      $5

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