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Get everything you need to make your pup look and feel their best.
- last self-wash starts an hour before closing, reservations are not required for self-wash - 


We make washing your dog fun, bring your dirty pup to The Muddy Mutt and we will supply you with everything you need to make sure Fido looks and feels the best. 


Aprons, ear cleaner, brushes, house shampoo/conditioner, towels and professional dryers are all available for use during your self service bath


$16.00 per dog, no matter how big or small.


time limit of 30 min per dog

Upgrading Options:


oatmeal, whitening, black coat, odor neutralizing, hypoallergenic, hot spot, medicated, de-shedding, and flea and tick.    $8.00

if you have any questions on which shampoo is best for your pup, just ask one of our team members.

Walk-In Services:

Need an extra service for you pup while at The Muddy Mutt?

Nail Trim                            $12.00

Nail Dremel                        $16.00

Anal Gland Expression     $12.00

ToothBrushing                   $12.00

Blueberry Facial                 $5.00

Paw Treatment                   $5.00

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